Case Study: EDMs, Profiles

Context: job, company and objectives

Key details:

Portal Tech Co. sells robotic parts for supply chain distributors. The company is working to further establish its sales funnel to upsell existing customers who have brought smaller parts to upgrade their equipment and buy the company’s more expensive but high ROI automation product.

There is also a key focus on clarifying the overall brand message and voice, and making the product more accessible and personal to customers.

Target market:

Current and past customers who know Portal Tech and are presently using the tech. There is also an opportunity to engage new customers and pick up overseas clients.

Key objectives:

Engage with current contacts to convert bigger sales and upsell, while also further establishing brand awareness and reputation.

The decision is to launch two key activities. One is a fortnightly EDM with information and links to relevant information about Portal Tech as well as the industry as a whole. This is direct correspondence with customers and is a crucial way to build up rapport. As a result the emails must offer genuine value, be clear and concise, and encourage engagement.

The other activity is fortnightly articles published on the Portal Tech website and shared via the EDM and on social media. One article per month will focus on a bigger, external issue. These articles take a thought leadership approach and as a result focus on a specific angle and topic that is related to the business but not specifically about a product or offering. One article per month will be a personal profile of one of the Portal Tech leadership team, which will help to personalise the technology and put faces to the expertise offered.

Broader strategic objectives:

Further down the line Portal Tech will look to expand overseas beyond Australia and New Zealand. As such the company needs to be highly professional, clear and direct, and establish a voice that encourages a sense of leadership, efficiency and trust. Internally this is an important time to redefine the focus of the company and processes for content creation.

Process: strategy and approach

Challenges and solutions:

Portal Tech is looking to upsell customers to a high value, technical product. The high price point can result in customers not initially seeing the ROI, and as such the value of the technology needs to be emphasised. In addition, the offering leverages new tech that has not been in the market for long, which means there is a requirement for Portal Tech to educate customers about what it is and why it is the way of the future for supply chain technology.

Essentially, the content must be focused on positioning Portal Tech as a leader for robotic tech used to power supply chains.

Key differentiator:

The technology works and the team is strong, bringing together many years’ experience in this specific industry as well as technology innovation in general.

Channels for content to be released:

Company website, direct email, and social media, particularly LinkedIn.

Outcomes: what was delivered


EDMs, Personal profiles