Case study: Media kit, Branding

Context: job, company and objectives

Key details:

Bolt Coffee is a New Zealand coffee brand that works with island coffee plant growers to provide high quality beans and grounds to the cafe and consumer market.

At present the company is focused specifically on extending its relationship with cafes and coffee providers around the country, particularly in New Zealand's main cities of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

The company is looking to establish stronger, long term relationships with key stakeholders, and as such has invested more resources into customer service specifically for cafe chains and distributors.

The focus for this collateral is to reestablish Bolt Coffee's offerings and enhance in brand recognition for cafe owners and buyers.

Target market:

Cafes and restaurants, particularly those that have a focus on sustainability, supporting local and providing a high quality experience with a story. Primarily the focus is on New Zealand's three main cities of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Key objectives:

Establish a stronger relationship with key stakeholder of cafe owners. Re-introduce company and offerings, and make internal team accessible for any questions or issues.

Broader strategic objectives:

Establish a stronger reputation in New Zealand’s cafe culture.

Process: strategy and approach

Challenges and solutions:

This is a very saturated market with high competition. New Zealand is also is small community and market, which can be seen as a positive or negative. Cafe and restaurant owners are interested in competitive price points and a point of difference.

As a result, Bolt Coffee is offering more affordable prices for those who sign longer term contracts. In addition the company is offering referral incentives, is emphasising the local growers story, and is working towards offering more personal customer contact.

Key differentiator:

Personal touch, sustainable product, competitive price point - especially for longer term contracts, supports local, great tasting brand.


Physical copy sent to cafes, both existing and new customers, and available as online on the website or as email attachment when personal contact is made with stakeholders.

Outcomes: what was delivered


Media Kit