Case Study: Promo booklet

Context: job, company and objectives

Key details:

WanderLife Travel launched two new tours in Turkey for two distinct markets. Within the two tours customers can choose either 7 days or 14 days.

‘Culture’ is more focused on cultural experiences and excursions, including activities and outings focusing on art, history and food. This is a higher end product with more comfortable accommodation and transport.

‘Explore’ is more focused on adventurous and outdoor activities, with some history and culture. This is a more affordable option and includes more basic accommodation as well as optional extra activities for additional charge.

Target market:

'Culture' is targeted towards mostly retired couples and smaller groups of people who are looking for a planned and comfortable holiday excursion.

'Explore' is targeted towards people who are post university or starting out in the workforce who have less funds and more desire to partake in active or adventurous travel activities.

Key objectives:

The primary objective of the booklet is to offer a taster of information and highlights of the tours. It is important to emphasise the exclusive offering and ability to see and experience undiscovered and untouched places.

Broader strategic objectives:

Further establish brand reputation and dominance in ‘unique travel’ experiences market.

Processes: the strategy and approach

Challenges and solutions:

It is important to establish a positive and appealing perception of Turkey and reach the desired audience. There is an opportunity here to reach previous as well as past customers.

Key differentiator:

WanderLife Travel promotes going into uncharted territory and uncovering an authentic experience with experienced guides.


Online via the travel agency website and printed with high quality paper stock for in-person meetings and WanderLife offices.

Outcomes: what was delivered


Booklet for online and physical distribution.