Case study: Landing page, articles

Context: job, company and objectives

Key details:

Adept Recruitment is an existing and well-established organisation that focuses on filling full and part time employment positions, right through from junior roles to management and executive levels. The majority of the company’s work is in New Zealand, however some clients are A/NZ wide or global, and in this case the recruiter will fill roles outside of New Zealand.

At the start of the calendar year, the company recognised the increasing need for management level employees to be reskilling and investing in professional development or training, whether they are currently employed or looking for work. This benefits both the company and individual. As a result, the company launched a new offering 'Empowered', which offers a personalised professional development journey for C-suite or management level employees. The copy work for this client includes an Empowered focused web page and topical articles with a relevant CTA.

Target market:

C-suite and management level employees across all industries.

Key objectives:

Sign up currently employed as well as unemployed individuals at management level to help them on their career path and ensure companies that have difficult roles to fill can find the people who can fill them.

Broader strategic objectives:

Form long term relationships with individuals wanting a career in management positions.

Process: strategy and approach

Challenges and solutions:

This is a high level offering and requires an investment, in terms of both time and money, from the individual. However, the skills gap and increasingly competitive business landscape are hot topics and have resulted in more people interested in effective professional development and training.

Key differentiator:

Adept Recruitment already has an established name and database, including a good relationship with many companies in New Zealand that operate solely in the country and globally. The company also has proven results and a number of positive testimonials.

Channels for content to be released:

New web page specifically for Empowered to be added to existing website.

Articles focusing on topical issues with Empowered-centric CTA to be published on the original website as well as social media, namely LinkedIn, and other public sites such as Medium. The company's PR agency partner will be brought on for specific winning pieces to take to a greater audience through public and targeted news channels.

Outcomes: what was delivered


Landing page, articles