Case study: Website, poster

Context: job, company and objectives

Key details:

Summer Daze is a ‘summer showcase’ full day music event with local bands, activities and market stalls. It is an outdoor event supported by the City Council that takes place in February and is available for families, with over 18 year olds offered a coloured band and able to purchase alcohol.

The event brings together a variety of music but also includes activities and the sale of speciality wares. There is a focus on local bands, local artisans, sustainability and fun for all ages. The overall theme or atmosphere is light-hearted, come to enjoy your summer experience with your friends or loved ones. Tickets are available with discounts for earlybird sales and larger groups.

Target market:

The event targets music lovers of all ages. It is open for families it is inclusive for all.

Key objectives:

The objective is to share the event and attract customers.

Broader strategic objectives:

Build relationships with local vendors, artists and sponsors to host the event on an annual basis.

Process: strategy and approach

Challenges and solutions:

This is a somewhat saturated market and therefore it can be difficult to make an impact. However, festival goers generally will go to more than one festival and this festival caters to a wide audience. When the new landing page and poster are launched, Auckland City Council will run an incentive for people to share the event on their social media. Options include share your favourite song from the artist with the hashtag and be in to win free tickets or a meet and greet.

Key differentiator:

For families, offering local market goods, with a mix of artists and bands. The price point is more affordable than similar items on the market due to sponsorships and support from the council.

Channels for content to be released:

Physical posters, online advertising and via the website.

Outcomes: what was delivered


Landing page on website, poster