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bringing your story to life

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the core pillars of communications and content

As a freelance writer, editor and comms specialist, I work alongside marketing and editorial teams or business managers to help with content, branding and creative direction, investigative journalism and reports, and research and strategy.


& research

Sharing a message through clear communication.​

  • Defining the message.

  • Identifying and writing to an audience.

  • Mapping out tasks according to broader objectives.

  • Creating long and short form copy.

​Types of content: Articles and blog posts, case studies, whitepapers and eBooks, email newsletters, proposals and awards entries, brand collateral and messaging, press releases, social posts, web and app pages, and more.

Skills: Defining a clear objective and brand voice, writing copy to convey a specific message and fit with objectives/audiences, building brand awareness, engaging with and managing key stakeholders.


& experience

Discovering and delivering noteworthy stories.

  • Creating long and short form content for key demographics.

  • Writing and editing content to make it publication-ready.

  • Representing media locally and globally.

  • Working in an editorial team.

Types of content: News and reporting, features, reviews, deep-dives, interview write-ups, scripts for video or podcasting, investigative or experiential articles.

Skills: Engaging in research and investigation, developing content for print or digital channels, interviewing recognised experts or executives, building industry relationships, adapting content for different outlets and audiences.


& strategy

Creating and developing a distinctive brand voice and content strategy.

Branding: A brand voice underpins and drives home your brand. This starts with your website and core collateral, and feeds into each unique campaign.

Skills: Building, defining and refining a brand voice to capture a unique value proposition and audience. Tailoring this to different channels.


Strategy: Content becomes more valuable when it plays into a broader marketing, communications or reporting strategy.

Skills: Defining objectives or audience, outlining best use of digital and print channels, developing campaigns for key messages or demographics.

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some of the wonderful businesses i've worked with


April 2021 - Ongoing

Writing - editing - strategy

PR and consultancy firm with clients across APAC. Tasks include writing articles, press releases, eBooks, social posts, media training, and helping to develop content strategy.


November 2020 - Ongoing

Writing, branding, strategy

Aiscorp is an IT partner working across non-profit, education and commercial sectors. I've worked on case studies, press releases, and a re-brand/website refresh.


September 2020 - 2023

Writing - on-site correspondent

Wellington’s economic development, events and promotions agency. I've created event articles, features, experience content, a trail series and research reports.

spotlight alt_edited.png

July 2022 - Ongoing

Writing, editing, branding, strategy

Spotlight provides accountants with reporting and forecasting tools. I create web and magazine content, other business collateral, and collaborate on core branding/messaging.

techday new.png

May 2019 - Ongoing

Writing, editing, reporting

Technology news network for NZ, AU and Asia. First as a full time employee and now as a contractor, I work as a news editor, and occasional media correspondent.

nvi alt_edited.jpg

July 2022 - 2023

Writing, editing, comms

NV Interactive creates digital experiences with an emphasis on UX. I created case studies, web content, social content, sales material and internal branding guides.

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a collection of my work


& strategy

I've collaborated with marketing and business leads on various projects, including branding, launching new products, website refreshes, and more.

Businesses I've worked with in this capacity include:

Spotlight Reporting, Tally Group, Aiscorp, Kode-1, Debut and more.

Colourful Pile of Old Books

"Catherine is a very reliable, adaptable and capable writer. TechDay has worked in various forms with her over many years. We have always been left very appreciative of the time and effort she puts into her work. You need a Catherine in your team too!"

Sean Mitchell, Publisher, Techday




a collection of stories and explorations

Textured Wall


snaps from various wanderings

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the bookworm gets the gig

No matter what language we speak or when we're born, storytelling and sharing ideas is in our blood. A love of stories and some excellent English teachers nurtured a natural skill for writing - a skill which became my full time profession in 2018.


From 2014 I was freelancing on and off, while also working full time in various journalism and communications positions.​ In 2018 I committed to making freelancing my main gig. Since then I've worked for businesses throughout New Zealand, Australia and Asia as a writer, content creator and comms specialist, working on a wide variety of projects.


Over the years I've branched out from my bread and butter of words to offer research, branding and strategy. As of 2022 I'm venturing more earnestly into the visual side of storytelling, studying creative direction, design and illustration.


My experience to date is mostly in the worlds of technology and travel, but the beauty of freelancing is that it's thrown me into all kinds of jobs and put me in touch with unique thinkers and creatives from all walks of life.

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“Making a decision to write was a lot like deciding to jump into a frozen lake.”

- Maya Angelou

Travel planning


For more info or to chat about working together, send me a note and I'll be in touch. 



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